Just Quickly: Katharine McPhee vs Leona Lewis


Just Quickly (where I’m not going to go into TOO much detail but I feel strongly about it to share with you — Katharine McPhee produces music Leona Lewis wishes she could. Yes, Bleeding Love was HUGE — but she made a joke out of herself by covering Run by Snow Patrol (which should have been left alone) and her only talant seems to be her ease at belting out any given song.

Katharine McPhee, well known for being the runner up in the 5th season of American Idol — has such a gorgeous range, she can hit those high notes with a power, but at the same time, have a softness and subtlety that Leona Lewis still needs plenty of work on.

Check out her first single when she was brunette, called Over It and you’ll see what I mean.


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