So You Think You Can… Vote? FAIL.

Ben & Amy

Sometimes, there are TV shows, or movies I love so much; that I almost find too difficult to write about because I just want to do them justice. I want to emphatically declare my love for them, and in the right way in order to show people that they are worth watching/listening to/reading and so forth. So if you were reading my Twitter page, you might have seen how crazily deliriously happy I’ve been with the calibre of dancers in this season’s So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Of course, that says nothing about what I think about the judges.. but that’s a whole other post.

Tonight was the finale, and every Sunday night has been an absolute blast! Last season was in no way as exciting as this season. I loved that Napoleon & Tabitha choreographed some of my favourite dances (NappyTabs as they are affectiontely known) and it even introduced a really talented choreographer in one of last year’s contestants, Marko Panzic. Jason Gilkison was back, Kelly Abbey was there.. it was just really inspiring and made me dance around the living room!

But you’re wondering. Why the subject title? Oh. I had to cheer myself up with watching some favourite dances tonight. My favourite dancers Ben & Amy were the first two to go in tonight’s top 4 finale. THE FIRST. Leaving, Charlie, a self taught hip hop dancer; nice enough but.. safe? Smiley? Nice? And Talia,a professionally trained ballet dancer turned all around versatile lovely dancer. But, when she received compliments, when she would try new genres of dance, she never seemed genuinely humble, or thankful, or grateful for her place there. So, that detracted from her quality, or her deserving to win – in my opinion. I guess perhaps I’m in the minority – as Australia voted for her to win. But I’m sticking with my opinion. Heck, I’m still bitter that Charlie beat BJ into the top four.

So.. to console myself ; here are links to my favourite performances throughout the year!

Amy & BJ’s Contemporary to ‘Halo’ – This is definitely one of my favourite songs, but this soft playful performance turned it into a song possibly about missing someone gone from life; and turned it into a happy, uplifting dance about proposing to a lover.

Talia & Ben’s hip hop to Diva – A better video than Beyonce’s own clip? Haha, I thought this was a funky dance to the song, and Talia definitely rocked it in this one and Ben is just so smooth with the hop hop genre!

Talia & BJ’s lyrical hip hop to Dead & Gone Probably the very reason why I suddenly couldn’t stop listening to T.I’s Dead & Gone, and this one got a standing ovation from the crowd and judges. Could be because this was choreographed by NappyTabs, and it reminded me of how much I love, love lyrical hip hop.

Could be because I also loved NappyTabs’ choreography work in the U.S previous season. Remember, Mark & Chelsie’s dance to Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love? In case you haven’t seen it, click here

Timomatic was also a phenomenal mover, and so charismatic – and it wasn’t nearly as obvious until the solo he performed the night he was voted off. I’d never heard the crowd cheer as much as when he danced to Bounce here

Ben & Amy’s contemporary to ‘Fall For You’ was just breathtaking. The costumes were breathtaking, thanks to the passionate performance from both of them, I was cheering at the TV. Also where I got the screencap for this post from; this & the Dead & Gone dance could be my favourite. I really can’t pick!

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